• Spline Rolling Maching
  • Milling Maching
  • Double bed
  • CV Joint Series Machine
  • Grinding Machine
  • Others
  • VLC500E
  • VLC1000
  • VLC800E
  • Milling Maching
  • Milling Maching
  • QXB125D U joint CNC machine
  • NL081
  • DNL361 NL362
  • DNL083
  • QXA125D
  • QXA125D
  • QXA125D
  • ZG810330
  • MK2112
  • Grinding Machine
  • nz821060
  • VZ8205130
  • Others
  • What kind of packaging you offer?

    We will pack the goods well with exporting packages to make sure all goods in a good condition during storage and delivery.

  • What kind of problem will happen usually?

    Some goods will be out of stock and cannot offer, because it cannot meet the quality request or really out of stock. Anyway we will contact the client to confirm well before shipping.

  • What are the terms of payments you offer?

    Payment of the goods should be sent in USD or RMB on the basis of goods Values. We accept payment of T/T, PayPal and cash only.

  • Tel.: +86 566 2610088
  • Fax: +86 566 2610099
  • E-mail: lecn@vip.163.com
  • Add: No. 58, Tonggang Avenue, Guichi Industrial Park, Chizhou City, Anhui Province

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