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Double Head CNC Lathe machine DNL121/DNL122

Equipment and details

Double Head CNC Lathe DNL121/DNL122

Double Head CNC Lathe DNL121/DNL122

Main parameters

Max body rotate diameter   mmø200ø200
Turning diameter scope       mmø 15- ø50ø 15- ø50
Turning length scope           mm100-300300-480
Spindle clamp diameter       mmø 50ø 50
X/Z  travel                             mm280/180280/180
X/Z  fast speed                    m/min18/2418/24
Tool type

Function features

1)Inclined integral frame body,high rigidity,easy chip;

2)Respond to fifferent parts,only replace the collet and fixtures;

3)Fix one time,processing both end at one time,hogh efficiency,good precision;

4)Dual-channel controller,easily respond to high speed and cutting rigid;

5)Independent turret;

6)Can carry with truss or joint robot and automatical line.

Automation line

Double Head CNC Lathe DNL121/DNL122

1.CNC lathe DNL121 stand-alone automation.

Double Head CNC Lathe DNL121/DNL122

2.Turning unit and gantry robot, CNC lathe DNL121 and NL362 automatic line.

Double Head CNC Lathe DNL121/DNL122

Double Head CNC Lathe DNL121/DNL122

Company memorabilia

In 2000, manuscripts of several classical machines were completed by the founder and partially took into inspection.

In 2003, YUHUAN LECN MACHINERY FACTORY was established and the first set of GZ730 horizontal rock rolling machine was released.

In 2004, research on U-joint series of bespoke machine was started and a gradual public introduction was made.

In 2005, series of brand new horizontal precision rock rolling machine were published.

In 2006, research and publishing on full series of shaft-related milling & drilling machine. In 2007, changed company name into TAIZHOU LECN MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD., started international businesses.

In 2008, full of new machining equipment and testing devices were put into use and the company finally got through a global financial crisis.

In 2009, ISO system and flow control were set up and VERTICAL rock rolling machine was born.

In 2010, establishing ANHUI LECN MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. was put on the agenda and a research team on automatically production came into being.

In 2011, the basement ANHUI LECN MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. covering with 25000 square meters was put into use and full series of servo rock rolling machine and CNC lathe were published.

In 2012, single full automatically grinding machine was born and several prizes on machinery and equipment were obtained. In 2013, the first set of shaft relative full automatically production line came into use.

In 2014, the LECN RESEARCH BUILDING was started in construction.

In 2015, sets of full automatically production line were put into use, and single machine’s automation came true.


Double Head CNC Lathe DNL121/DNL122

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