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High precision CNC Internal Grinding Machine Products MK2112 for auto parts

Product Description


Function features

45 degrees hatchback body with high rigidity,high-speed linear guide rail,durable;

Special fixtures,clamping reliable,accuracy steady;

High rigidity spindle,good shock resistance,long life;

Servo drive diamond roller diesser,support any deformation of the surface;

Can carry with truss or joint robot and automatical line.

Main parameters

Max clamping diameter                                                                     mmØ115
Max  workpiece length                                                                       mm150
Max grinding hole diameter                                                              mmØ120
Max  workpiece handle diameter                                                      mmØ40
Grinding wheel diameter scope                                                        mmØ30- Ø50
Weight                                                                                                   kg2800
Length×width                                                                                    mm2000×1600

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